So this is new for Fünf, not sure what to write about or even how to make what I’m going to write keep you reading (insert nervous smile).  I guess I’ll start with a little bit about Fünf 😉

Founded by me (Belinda Barra), motivated not only for my love of fashion but also for the love of my 5 beautiful children and wanting to make them proud!  So my next step was to figure out a name for my creations which included my 5 inspiration.  So I went ahead and combined all their initials and tried to figure out a name, which was tough with RMROI.  Morri/Irorm/Romri, none of it felt right.   Then I had a light bulb moment (which I like to grab on to straight away as you never know when the next one will come along 🙂 )  My children are of German and Peruvian background, so why not a name relating to them in one of these languages.  So I tried family – German: Familie/Spanish: Familia – doesn’t scream fashion brand!  And the list went on, until I got to 5 – Spanish: Cinco, cute but not there yet….. And then German: Fünf and we had a winner!!!!  Fünf  My 5 Reasons!

Fünf is well on it’s way to establishing itself as a front runner when it comes to children’s street wear, with designs that you normally wouldn’t find in children’s fashion.

Fünf’s unique style landed us an invitation to Mercedes Benz-Fashion Aid 2018… YAY!  Which gave us the opportunity to showcase our latest range of street wear with Tees, Tulle skirts, caps and more.  Which I will go into more detail with in my next blog or so!

To sum up my first ever blog Fünf is my passion that all the family get involved in and play a big part.  I hope I did well and didn’t bore you too much.  Fingers crossed you stayed on til the end 😉

Thanks for reading! Have a fab day!

Love always

Fünf  😉

Belinda xo